About Us

Eurocentro De Carnes SA is part of the Spanish farming heritage, renowned for delivering traditional products of the highest quality. Authenticity, craftsmanship, and great taste, these values are at the core of our business. We began as a group of farmers, nurturing pigs with generations of know-how. Understanding that to get the best out, you have to put the best in, they started producing pig feed together. Today, Eurocentro De Carnes SA is one of the largest Fresh Pork producers in Spain, but we’ve stayed true to our simple ethos – to create authentically made Spanish Fresh Pork, without compromise. Using the skills of artisans and the dedication of generations of craftsmanship, we make great, tasty food.

Quality from farm to fork

Throughout the value chain we retains a relentless focus on quality in products, relations and services. We aim to maintain long-term partnerships with our customers, and the size of the company allows fast and direct communication between the customer and production to ensure fast and efficient deliveries. In close cooperation with the customers we strive to fulfil every wish or requirement to the exact specification be it a new, innovative cut or a standard delivery. We have a settlement model which rewards pig producers for healthy pigs with a high meat quality, ensuring a consistently high meat quality in the meat received for slaughter and processing. In this way we are able to guarantee deliveries to the exact specifications as regards meat quality and fat percentage.

Our Commitment

Eurocentro De Carnes SA has applied all the changes required to adapt to and comply with the new animal welfare regulations, and to obtain qualifications certificates for all personnel involved in the handling of animals from their arrival up to the point of slaughter.

Always to the highest standards

As a supplier to the most demanding markets, it is essential that we can always maintain our third country certificates and our other accreditations in general. We do this by having a self-regulation system that ensures that we comply with the demands specified by the individual countries. We have a quality department and a laboratory which are responsible for a self-regulation system that covers everything from cleaning before the commencement of production to hygiene control during production, monitoring of critical control points, etc. 

Quality Pork. From Farm To Fork.

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